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THIS AGREEMENT is made on the 




GLOBALMEDIAGROUP LTD, 1 Castle Drive, Chester, CH1 1SL (the "Client")
and shall be withheld in relevance to the laws of the courts of England.






  1. The Client wishes to engage with The Creator to provide the services specified in Exhibition A of the Schedule (“the Services”).

   2. The Creator agrees to provide the Services to The Client, subject to

       The Client's Terms and Conditions and the terms of this Agreement.



  3. The Client hereby agrees to enroll the Creator to provide the Client with the following        services (the “Services”):


  • UGC Creative for secured Brand Partners.
    Required content narratives & storyboards shall be provided to the Creator by the Client.


  • The Creator must read in-depth the UGC Creator brief provided and adhere to these guidelines when creating content for the Client. Failure to adhere to creative briefs may lead to dismissal from the Management Scheme and will negate any fiscal liability the Client may be deemed eligible to honor for services rendered.



    In connection with the Clients’ promotional program with 3rd parties "Brand Partners",

    Creator/s shall be responsible for the satisfactory delivery of the following 

    deliverables (the “Deliverable(s)”) posted to Creator/s accounts

    (in addition to any other platform of the Company/Brand) in accordance with the                  requirements and delivery schedule(s) as further described herein:

   5. Content shall be represented cross-platform, unless a sole account is dictated here:


   6. Creative to be uploaded to channel/s as illustrated in the Creator Briefs at Creator's             discretion and in line with general channel post habits – all efforts should be made to           upload content to Creator/s’s channel during ‘peak engagement times

       (as defined in Creator/s’s analytics platform).


   7. No content, be it organic or paid, shall be posted to the Creator/s’ channel

       for a period that is consistent with the recent posting habits, on either side of said                 campaign creative upload. For the avoidance of any doubt, there must be a minimum           period of 12hrs either end of the post, during which no content, be it organic or paid.


   8. When requested, any relevant Ads access codes will be provided to the Client. 


   9. Creator/s shall provide content analytics data from their  analytics dashboard in                   relation  to the creative/s, to the Brand Partner via the Clients from the dates the                   aforementioned ‘creative/s’ are posted to their channel

       for the full duration of the campaign (14 days for each respective post).

  10. Attribution links must remain in the Creator/s social channels (link in bio) as the

        primary link for 2 Weeks unless pre-approved by an authorized representative

        of the Client.

  11. Instructions, guidance, and all relevant materials relating to the Deliverable(s)set out in          The Creator Brief must be adhered to in full, including campaign attribution links.

  12. If the Creator fails to achieve less than 20% of their average views based on their last            30 videos, they must then repost their content until they achieve over the minimum

        threshold of 20% unless pre-approved by an authorized representative of the Client.



  13.  The Creator will charge the Client the agreed minimum value per campaign.
         This service value (the "Payment”) shall be agreed via email between both parties &           shall be deemed the full value of monies owed,  for all serviceable elements stated               above (Campaign & Deliverables), taxations, non-exhaustive ownership license,

         Link-In- Bio and shall be released in full at the signposted date. This pay value is                   retractable should link-in-bio be removed prematurely or if the approved content is                 deleted within 6 months.

  14. The Creator must send all campaign invoices to Company once the deliverables have            been met. Payment will be made approx 30 days of the invoice, only after all                        requirements have been completed and the Brand Partner Fee is recieved.
        For the avoidance of doubt, the fee described in this Section (iii) shall be the sole                  compensation due to the Creator under this agreement.


   15. The Creator will be responsible for organising and paying all income taxations and              liabilities and National Insurance or similar contributions relating to the Payment and             the Creator will indemnify the Client in respect of any such payments.

   16. All visual content created within the parameters of RealBuzz Media's scheduled                     activity may at times need to be repurposed. This may include though is not limited to;            sharing, backlinking, reposting and/or clipping for snippets.

17.  When matters of fiscal discrepancy arise, the Client shall be deemed as the designated          decision maker in full capacity and may provide a discretionary resolution that in fair           attempt and best efforts, appeases all parties.

18. A front-facing bespoke email address shall be provided for placement within designated social profile account Bio text. This inbox shall be managed by the RealBuzz Campaign Managers, in aid to negotiate the Creator the best rates possible for the relevant brand deal.
Removal of this email address or additional exposure to a personal email address will be deemed a breach of terms.

19. Termination
This agreement shall be deemed upstanding for the full duration, defined from the submitted signature to the end date, dictated by the management term. Should the Client deem it necessary, at any time, for any reason or it to be in the best interests of either party to no longer represent the Creator, written notice will be delivered via electronic-mail and a follow up call shall be scheduled for exit interview to engage in communications ref: wellbeing.
Should the Creator refuse an exit interview or become "unmanageable", they negate their ability to later rely on evidence relating to their support and wellbeing. 

Legality: This Real Buzz Campaign Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by: Realbuzzmediagroup / Real Buzz Media / RBM / GlobalMediaGroup ltd.

(“Agent/Client”) and; "Creator" is to be executed as in accordance with the Laws of England.

Awareness: By signing this document, I - the Creator, am agreeing to the terms&conditions and am aware of the reasons why, the desired outcomes, and the workload that shall arise.
Consideration: The Company RealBuzz shall work hard to represent and find me, the Creator, paid work and funded opportunities, whilst enabling me to develop my professional creative journey. I, in turn, shall produce to the best of my ability, high-quality media materials for agreed fees, whilst not agreeing to, sourcing nor soliciting external media management for my personality and/or likeness. 

Capacity, ​Certainty and Acceptance: I, the Creator, hereby the undersigned, am completing this agreement whilst in sound mind, entirely and clearly, without doubt, aware and certain of my clearly outlined responsibilities and liabilities under the terms or requirements.

Please Note:
3 Months Management = 20% Management Fee from sourced brand deals
6 -12 Months Management = 15% Management Fee from sourced brand deals
18 Months Management = 12.5% Management Fee from sourced brand deals

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