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Your Ultimate Guide to Instagram: Grow 15,000 Followers in 40 Days!

Are you an aspiring influencer?

Ready to boost your follower count?

Let's dive into my top five tips and tricks for Instagram glory in 2023 and early 2024

Guide to Instagram Stories - Your Daily Diary

Instagram Stories are the MVP of engagement. Post three to five stories a day, sharing polls, Q&A, Emoji stickers, or the slider. It tells Instagram people are vibing with your stories, and they'll share the love with even more viewers.

Reels Are Your BFFs

Reels are the unsung heroes of Instagram growth. Keep it real with simple, one-shot iPhone videos. People love authenticity, and these reels give your content that raw touch. Don't overthink it – let your creativity flow.

Be the Consistency Champion

Consistency is your secret sauce. Aim for three to five posts a week. Pro tip: don't let the Instagram algorithm forget about you. Even on your busiest days, share something – a killer in-feed photo or a few stories to keep that content train rolling.

Photography - A Timeless Classic

Photography on Instagram is still thriving. Carousel posts are your secret weapon – post multiple photos in one go. Make them bookmark, save, or share your posts for that extra boost.

Stand Out – Let Your Colours Shine

Infuse your personality into your content. Share your other interests, whether it's what you're sipping on, your latest fashion pick, or the game you're currently obsessed with. Make your content an extension of YOU. Being a little different is what makes you unforgettable.

There you have it, your guide to Instagram growth ultimate playbook. These strategies have worked wonders for others. If you're serious about levelling up your Instagram game, give these tips a shot, and let the numbers speak for themselves.

If you found this breakdown helpful or want to know more, book some time in one of our specialists diaries today!

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