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Unleashing AI: Creating Viral Short Videos for Social Media Success

In the dynamic realm of social media, short videos have emerged as a content creator's powerhouse, garnering hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views. The question lingers: How much do these creators earn from these impactful videos? Estimates range from £10,000 to £30,000 monthly, based on their channel monetization strategies.

Discover how you can join their ranks, creating 1,000 short clips in just 20 minutes. We reveal a secret method to scale your brand and swiftly monetize channels from the comfort of your home.

Harnessing the Power of AI Tools

The key lies in two AI tools: ChatGPT and Canva. Begin by creating 50 sets of facts with ChatGPT, covering topics like psychology, motivation, relationships, and productivity. These facts form the foundation for your video content.

Canva, a versatile design platform, aids in the video creation process. Utilise Canva's Bulk Create feature, linking generated facts to seamlessly create 50 unique videos.

Taking it to the Next Level with Buffer

The story doesn't end with video creation. Introducing Buffer, a tool for scheduling posts across social media. Connect accounts, utilise Buffer's seamless scheduling, and share short clips on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with a single click.

This strategy empowers you to automate your content creation process, surpassing competitors and gaining traction. Consistency is key. Regularly post engaging videos to achieve success on social media.

Ready to unlock your brand's potential in the social media landscape?

Book time with our specialists here.

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