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TikTok for Brands

If you are looking to get customers to try your brand, your best bet is TikTok influencers. There are currently loads of trends in the beauty industry, and we will tell you all about them, and what makes them unique.

TikTok for Brands Replaced Review Sites

A couple of years ago, before TikTok exploded, review sites were killing it for brands. Affiliates were ready to promote your products for free. They just needed a percentage of the sales. Now, it’s all on TikTok and Meta platforms.

So, if you want to be more visible and get more customers, you absolutely need to try TikTok for brands.

Influencers Jumping on Trends

With the growing number of TikTok influencers, you will be able to reach more people than ever before. They live and breathe beauty trends, and they make the most out of them to grow their accounts. And they can grow yours, too.

Here are some of the latest trends on TikTok:

  • Lip Glow

  • Hair Curlers

  • Cleansing balms

  • Blush

  • Metallic footwear

  • 15 Minute Meals

Korean Skincare Trend

One of the main summer trends of TikTok was the Korean Skincare which has made all influencers jump on board.

#koreanskincare is still a massive trend at the moment, and the hashtag is used by most beauty accounts.

The main thing about this trend is that it has loads of TikTok influencers backing it, and it is getting tons of engagement. So, if you are in the beauty industry, you will absolutely need to embrace the trend.

See an example below for examples.

Best Videos Using TikTok for Brands

Not in the beauty industry? Don’t fret. We have worked with lifestyle businesses, local shops, as well as universities and industrial businesses. We can make TikTok work for you.

Are You Ready to Try TikTok for Brands?

Do you feel like you’ve got an amazing product but not enough people know about it? It’s time to try TikTok for brands. We have influencers who know the latest algorithm changes, updates, hashtags, and trends, eager to get you more customers.

As TikTok partners, we have worked with brands like Starbucks, The Body Shop, and Anker Technologies.

Schedule a call to see how we can help your brand grow on TikTok.

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