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2023 TikTok Trends - Exploding Topics for Your Brand

Whether you are selling physical products or online courses, you need to follow these 2023 TikTok trends. Influencers know how they can capitalise on them, so why not team up with one of the top creators in our books?

But before that, let’s look at the main trends for September 2023.

eCommerce TikTok Trends

The main 2023 trends include #tiktokmademebuyit which is used by many influencers. Temu and other online shopping platforms are using influencers to promote their products in exchange for free samples, or a payment? Not sure.

#TikTokShop is another great hashtag to use if you want to sell more physical products.

Our tip:

Partner with TikTok influencers who align with your brand values and target audience. Influencers can help promote your products in an engaging and relatable way, reaching a wider audience.

Food 2023 TikTok Trends

When it comes to food, supermarkets can benefit from influencers’ content. #TikTokCooking is a hashtag that is not only showing off recipes, but also ingredients from large supermarket chains. #TikTokFood is also trending, up 8,400 percent from last month, according to Exploding Topics.

Our tip:

Share short and snappy recipes that are easy to recreate at home. TikTok users appreciate quick and convenient cooking ideas that are visually appealing and delicious.

Haircut 2023 TikTok Trends

If you sell hair care products, you will love the #wolfhaircut trend, up bu 3,900 percent from last month, ans well as #butterflylocs.

Our tip: Showcase Trendy Hairstyles:

Keep up with the latest haircut trends and create videos demonstrating how to achieve them. Make sure to include tips and tricks to help users recreate the look at home.

Fashion Trends

Fashion brands do really well on TikTok and the currently trending hashtags are:

Remember that you will need the right influencer to quickly get on the trends, who already have content and followers.

Our tip:

Participate in popular fashion challenges on TikTok by creating your own unique take on the trend. This can help increase visibility and engagement with your brand.

Now you have the list of some of the most explosive topics for your brand. Do you need a strategy next? Watch the video on our services page and find out how you can explode your brand on TikTok with these brands.

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