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Top 10 UK Finance Apps







This brand new ad-tech platform for Gen-Z allows users to monetise their attention and earn real cash that goes straight to their bank account. Brands can feature their video content an reach new audiences this way, whilst users can make money through watching, making it a win-win! With the competitive nature of paid bidding though the question remained, how to get students and 18-24 year-olds to engage with the open banking-powered cash generator?

With this campaign, we took a multi-faceted approach so we could help Zedosh really take over the space they occupy. We sourced primarily finance-oriented creators in order to increase brand validity, whilst still allowing us to promote Zedosh to as wide an audience as possible by supplementing the campaign with creators from other niches. Our content team also shared financial tips and tricks across core profiles to help reinforce this. Building on top of the standard campaign format, UGC trends were built in which users demonstrated the highest revenue they could generate in a 24-hour period in order to help promote the app in a more engaging manner while showing the power of Zedosh. Finally, our team redistributed content links across Reddit, Discord, Twitter, and Stunii to ensure maximum reach across the entire social media sphere.

A financial app with a sub-£0.75 download cost is worth singing from the rafters. The attention exchange has since received seed and angel investment, and to see our work benefiting a client to this extent is always amazing. Interested in building your own financial app's social media presence? Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve similar results!

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