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The Florist

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Food & Beverage






Achieved: Top 10 Most Viewed on TikTok







The super immersive layout & decor of The Florist leads to thousands of organic UGC posts pcm.
Not a bad place to start when thinking about strategy.
But when footfall vs revenue is measured, people arrive for the selfie wall and depart with a 6+ minute dwell time.

Titillating teasers of menu items & play by plays of date dining ideas is a must!
The SCROll STOP team engineered focus groups & market research to build ideal customer personas.
After shining a light on the deep dark corners of the Creator Network, the team stepped away from a super stylised cliche "Influencer"

17 Creators with a SUPER STRONG & loyal, 'cult' following, who narrate with a rich authenticity.
Giving honest & unfiltered experiential insights.
Emotional highs & lows of their own story, with a luxurious experience styled into the storyboards.
Paid Media applied to the organic uplift allowed new localized audiences to learn about the incredible F&B offering of the already well-known venue.

Not only has THE FLORIST seen a dwell time increase of 217%, but certain menu items have now become so popular that they have informed new edible creations & beverage concoctions, perfect for that IG selfie or TT story. THE FLORIST is now well-cited in national publications as one of the top 10 most viewed restaurants in the UK

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