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Genshin Impact

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If you haven't heard of Genshin Impact, do you even use TikTok?The multi-award-winning fantasy multiplayer MMORPG has taken Gen-Z and Millenials alike by storm! Genshin is a phenomenal and immersive mobile gaming experience with creativity and visual prowess factored into every facet. Genshin is a great way to kickback and is suitable for anybody and everybody over 13 years old. With all those in the gaming space already on board, the question remained: how do we help them reach those new demographics?

Reaching new demographics requires exhausting a lot of different avenues in terms of content styles, so we turned to sketch comedians, lifestyle trends, artists, fashionistas, and foodies, amongst others! The storyboards lean into a diverse array of styles, leading to one of the most creatively varied campaigns we've ever produced! The narrative primarily focused on having the creators talk about how, when, and why they chose to play Genshin; however, the different styles we adopted helped to create a campaign full of variety that can cater to the interests of a variety of demographics!

Paid media applications deliver millions of views per month for the groundbreaking anime-esque, manga-inspired fantasy game.
With an average CPI of only £1.00, the UA rate continues to soar, meaning that a whole new wave of Genshin players can now enjoy the experience for themselves!

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