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Early adopters of new platforms find the cheapest real estate. Lucky enough to go viral on Instagram in 2015? Sorted! Focused on TikTok in 2019? Smashed it! But try telling creators, already entrenched on a platform, to now focus elsewhere. Impossible. Bigo Live is a streaming platform that allows creators to monetize their visibility directly. The platform is massive in Asia, with over 400 million monthly users; however, our mission was to help them break into the UK and US markets. How do you do that? By coming to Scroll Stop and utilising our 18000+ strong creator network, of course.

With over 18,000 creators on the network, the Scroll Stop team knew that driving cross-platform UA could generate an ultra-low CPI. With that in mind, we sent a mass invite to over 3,000 creators in the UK, leading to 300 opting in and 30 being shortlisted. The content creators came from a wide array of niches, from sketch creators to football fancammers to makeup artists, leading to an extremely varied campaign that embraced many different streaming genres. This helped enhance the campaign by broadening the appeal of our campaign as much as possible and generating amazing results in turn!

The mini-series format, strategized by the Scroll Stop team for each creator, was so effective that creators saw up to 100% growth in their own following. It's always incredible to see creators blowing up on new platforms, so to be able to act as the architects of that for many creators is incredibly rewarding for both us and Bigo! Quick uninstalls are worthless, so when the users driven through this strategy start using the app every day, the data dictates that this process not only delivers a fantastic LTV, but it also helps to reinforce an evergreen partnership that continues to deliver.

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